Logo for a children’s custom clothing company/store in New York.

Logo for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon, an 11-mile obstacle race. Co-designer Deborah Ferrell.

Logo for Yoga Studio / Training Center in Charlotte, NC.

Rebranding effort after the American Advertising Photographers renamed themselves.

Logo for an ad agency called Warp Spasm. A Warp Spasm is what the Scots and Irish would do in battle. Scream so madly, while running, that it would scare their opponents.

Rebranding for Baby Depot, a dept within Burlington Coat Factory. See "Print" section for more work.

Logo/Label for James F. C. Hyde’s Original Sorgho Whiskey. Made from Sorghum syrup (sugar cane), so it’s gluten free.

Logo for the Edison Innovation Foundation. The tagline is from a quote by Thomas Edison. See "Design" section for the stationery program.

Logo for Age Of Conan rich media concept.

Created the identity for Gio Studio Salon and then Gioje Salon for five years. A high-end hair salon in Manhattan. Logo, business cards, all communications and upcoming line of beauty products.

Logo for the Oscars of the photography world. Created Year 2 of the show.

Logo for the Oscars of the photography world. Created this year for the anniversary of the show.

Logo for salvage and repurposing furniture company in MN.

Logo for a new creative competition in Europe.

Naming and logo design of my former ad agency. Yes, it's a razor blade.

Logo for my magazine. See the layouts in the "ATOMIC" section.

Logo for a product that crushes and separates medical slides.

Logo for the Men’s Health wine club.

Logo for the Men’s Health annual Grooming Awards. Designer- Jiri Seger.

Logo for the IPA, which is the photo contest within the Lucie Awards, the Oscars of the photography world.

Logo for the Men’s Health/Women’s Health ski event in Aspen every January. Designer- Jiri Seger.

Logo for a BBQ music festival in Michigan.

Logo for a new health and wellness group that targets women.

Logo for the 2012 Men's Health Cooking School where four of the top chefs in NYC show off their cooking techniques. (See the pot handles on the side?)


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